What is Analytical Consulting lab?

ACL is a 10-week course that I teach at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. The idea is simple: a team of 4-5 students will help your company work on a real-life and real-time question / problem / opportunity that can be addressed using data analytics. You bring the business problem and the data, I bring the students. Lots of win-win!

what are the benefits?

You get to work with motivated and talented Kellogg students whose work is likely to generate real value for you. You also enhance your exposure to Kellogg, our pipeline of student talent, and the chance to immerse yourself in our wonderful community of faculty, business leaders, conferences, expertise, and more.

Of course, Kellogg students get the benefit of applying their skills beyond the walls of the classroom.

How do you get started?

To get started, please complete the below very brief inventory. Or, you can feel free to email me using this website’s contact info. Note: before reaching out, you should have a good sense of 1) the problem / question / opportunity you want to address 2) the data you will be able to provide students and 3) at least a sense of how (1) and (2) relate to each other.

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